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European Confederate Medal of Honour
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Welcome to the web pages of the new SCV project in Europe, the European Confederate Medal of Honour, this a joint project between the John Low Camp in Scarborough, England and the Clyde Runners Camp of Glasgow,Scotland

During the summer of 2009 it was decided to honour John lancaster the owner of the 'Deerhound', a man responsible for saving many Confederate sailors lives and preventing others from becoming Federal prisoners . John Lancaster picked up survivors from the CSS Alabama's battle with the USS Kearsage in 1864.
However, we were all much surprised to find that John Lancaster did'nt meet the criteria for any presently available awards so it was decided that new medal should be struck, one that would and could honour men like John Lancaster.
The idea came about after conversations between SCV members neville wantling of Horwich, Lancashire and Jerry Wells of Richmond, Virginia. With Jerry heavily involved in the organisation and arrangements for striking and Neville concentrating on design , a high quality well struck medal came into being.

There are many ways you can support the ECMOH project, please contact eith John, Neville or Jerry for details

Medal designer and Committee member Neville can be contacted at

Support the ECMOH Project, contact one of the Award Committee now!