Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low CSN)

Meet the members-Gary Edmisten
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Gary L. Edmisten

Gary Edmisten

Gary Edmisten has been known to me longer than any other Camp member. A former re-enactor and long time SCV member he lives in Matthews in North Carolina. With strong connections to the UK, his late mother could trace back her ancestry almost 1000 years.
Gary lives in Matthews,North Carolina with his wife Teresa, though he was born in the High Country in the mountainous North West of the State.
Well known for his cartoons Gary was the official cartoonist for the well  read 'Camp Chase Gazette'.
Gary likes to go fishing on his newly acquired boat ( still think you should have named it like I suggested Gary !), and shooting. Collecting militaria is amongst his other interests. Immensly proud of his family history Gary is involved in an organisation for former Destroyer personnel of the USN, 'The Destroyer Division 38 Association' his father having served aboard one in WW2.
Gary designed and supplied the Camp banner, everything involved with it from its conception to its construction was his doing , he also covered the cost himself out of his own finances.
I could tell you more but it can be summed up by just saying that Gary represents all that is good in the South today in the same way that his family represented all that was good in its past.


images supplied by Gary Edmisten

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