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Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Scarborough is in North Yorkshire, and is the largest county in England though far from the most populated. My family have lived in this area from at least 1440 and probably much earlier. A DNA test being conducted at Leicester University under the direction of Prof. Phillips should confirm that my family came over with the Vikings.
Like all town in the UK, Scarborough has sites of interest connected with the War of 61.
In the old cemetery on Dean Rd there is a family monument to the Weadley family which mentions James , one of two brothers who served in the 2nd Tennessee Infantry. James was killed at Shiloh on the first day of the battle .His brother Henry survived the war
On the seafront next to the harbour,is where Tindall's shipyard stood. This is where the Agrippina was built , the supply ship of the CSS Alabama.
15 miles South , in Bridlington is the Bull & Sun , public house , once owned by the James Weadley mentioned earlier.
Scaborough is one of the most picturesque towns in Britain if not THE most picturesque. Next to the Castle which has seen action from Roman times right up till 1914 , and which is built on high cliffs and next to the Castle is St.Mary's church where my ggggg-granfather Christopher Collier married Judith Adamson in 1735 and where in 2003 my grand son Nathan Connor Golby was baptised.

My family has lived in this area for hundreds of years and I am sure they will continue to live here for the next few hundred years too.

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