Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low CSN)

Calendar of Events
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Here we'll list events and activities that are both firm bookings or events and those that are in the planning stages

JULY 18 2009...Toxteh cemetery,Liverpool 2-00pm, gravesite dedication in honour of Lt. I S Bulloch CSN, probably the largest ever gravesite dedication for a Confederate servicemen outside of America. This will be followed by a smaller service in the same cemetery in honour of James Stubbs, a Federal soldier and GAR member................EVENT TAKEN PLACE
29/08/2010 Spring Bank cemetery, Hull...a grave marker ceremony and dedication to major Southern Supporter Zachariah C Pearson and blockade runner captain John Parker. EVENT TAKEN PLACE
21/03/ 2010 Confederate Heritage Weekend,'s Hall,Liverpool CONFIRME
06/06/ 2010 Lord Mayor's Parade , Liverpool CANCELLED
07/06/2010 Projected 'Soldier to Soldier' event in Liverpool POSTPONED
Christmas 2011....ECMOH presentation to Bob Jones in Liverpool, EVENT TAKEN PLACE
April 2012 marker dedication and ceremony re:James Weadley , Scarborough, UK, EVENT TAKEN PLACE
2014 ECMOH presentation re;John Lancaste
2012/2013 ECMOH Presentation in Tuam Ireland to honour Lt. Dowling CSA
11/2015 150th anniversary of CSS Shenandoah's arrival in Liverpool effectively ending hostilities.large scale event being planned 

To read more about Liverpool and its connection with the South , please visit Roy Rawlinson's superb 'When Liverpool was Dixie ' www site

Other information

Due to some of our membership being from outside of the UK, Camp meetings may be held at relatively short notice and with much consideration given to the arrangements made by overseas visitors

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.

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