Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low CSN)

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Welcome to the web home of SCV Camp #2161 (Capt John Low CSN)
This site replaces the previous one hosted by member Jerry Wells, this is because Jerry will soon be forming a new Camp in Scotland , as a part of his plans to expand the SCV in Britain. Jerry will be needing his web space for the new Camp's web home.
 I have always said that if the SCV is to expand outside of America , it will not be beacuse of people like Jerry , it will be beacuse of Jerry ! ...and this at a time when recruitment generally is on the decline.
The Camp John Low CSN was Chartered in June 2008 and I have the honour of being it's first Commander.
In the War for Southern Independence 200,000 of the soldiers and sailors were British born, and this represents just a small part of European involvement as even more ( 250,000) were born in Germany.
1 in 5 of the servicemen to fight in that war were born in Europe.
Of the Southern population, 141,000+ of those in the States fighting for Independence were born here in the British Isles. This was the 1861 figure.
Here in Britain , many thousands crossed the ocean to fight , and the vast majority of the crews of the Confederate commerce raiders, the most succesful warships in history, were British.
Of the 200,000 British born to fight in the war, it is believed around half had emigrated as children , and of the other half , approximately equal numbers were recent immigrants and those who went specifically to fight.
John Collier
SCV Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low CSN)
Scarborough, England


Camp Commander John Collier
Photo by Roy Rawlinson
This is my first attempt at a web page and hopefully in will grow in quantity and quality as I add to it over the next few weeks and then keep it updated

SCV Camp #2161 at Liverpool
Taken from an image by Roy Rawlinson

Over the next few days I hope to be able to add some of the items that appeared on the old web site. The big memorial event in Liverpool is now only days away and a lot of the preparation has been done and hopefully there will be plenty of imagery of the day posted on here shortly after.

All members are encouraged to attend all Camp #2161 events as are the general public unless otherwise stated.

Thankyou for taking the time to take a look at the web home of SCV Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low)


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