Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low CSN)

Meet the members -Jerry Wells
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Jerry Wells


Camp Adjutant Jerry Wells lives near Richmond in Virginia, for many years he has been an influential member of the SCV holding many different posts at varying levels
He is an early riser , a life time habit from his army days having been a member of the US Army for 6 years.
Jerry has strong links to the UK having been able to trace his ancestry to Cromwellian times and he also has a Scots born wife , Anne.
It is Jerry who is the architecht of the SCV in Britain. yet many people had tried previously to establish a SCV Camp here and failed. So why did Jerry succeed where others had failed ?...well...he tried a completely different approach to previous attempts.
In the past I had been approached at least twice by others wanting to start a SCV camp here in England/Britain. On those occasions people had tried to form a Camp by syphoning off members from other Camps and it had failed. Jerry decided to adopt a whole new approach.....knowing that any new members would be available but few in number he decided to contact lapsed members. This required quite a bit of investigation on his part and it worked . At a time when membership had dropped five figures in only a few years, Jerry managed to form a new Camp despite Organisation members being down by 1/3 over a short space of time.
Not only that but by the same method , only this time attracting more new blood , Jerry formed a second British Camp. Jerry has also discussed plans for possible Camps in Ireland and even Wales. At no time was any member from another Camp approached. All members of both Camps are either new blood, lapsed members or people who have specifically wanted to be a part of a UK Camp and have approached us.
Jerry has handled 90% of camp business in the first year and hopefully this might drop to a mere 80% in this next year !
His contacts from many years in the Organisation have been invaluable and not only in the SCV. He has been influential in contacting and forming bonds with other entities like the SUVCW.
It is no exaggeration to say that Jerry has been responsible for the greatest territorial expansion of the SCV in recent years, and without being melodramatic , I have to say that this is an incredible achievement at a time when the membership overall in the Organisation has dropped alarmingly. He has been able to generate interest in the Organisation at home and abroad when everyone  who should be taking this on seems to be failing misreably.

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