Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2161 (Capt. John Low CSN)

July 18 2009, Toxteth cemetery, Liverpool

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July 18 2009
The Lord Mayor of Liverpool and Councillor Berni Turner with SCV Camp #2161

Rededication of the headstone of Lt. I. S. Bulloch

Lt. I. S. Bulloch CSN
Toxteh Cemetery, Liverpool

On July 18 a rededication was be held at 2-00pm in Toxteth cemetery , Liverpoolfor Lt. I S Bulloch (1842-1898) a CSN Naval Officer , the event was a huge success. People from all over the UK attended as well as overseas visitors from the United States and Italy.
Orgainised by Bob Jones, Neville Wantling and myself , much credit must go to Bob Jones who did virtually all the actual arrangements here in the UK. Neville was largely reponsible for making the event the eye catching event it was by managing to get many people to attend in supporting roles. Jerry Wells from Virginia was heavily involved in the American contributions regarding the SCV and the SUVCW
Unfortunately Bob suffered some injuries only a couple of days before the event having sustained some facial cuts in a fall, luckily for us and especially for myself he was able to participate fully in the event.
Much interest from the locals was evident as several groups appeared almost stunned by our appearance at the cemetery.
The event started on time and I gave an introduction and welcome to our visitors. Bob then mentioned how come we actually happened to be there today. I was then back 'on' and mentioned the other Confederate gravesites and monuments in Britain.Then its was Bob again telling the story of Lt. Bulloch. There was a message read out from the surviving members of the Bulloch family.
There was then the reading of the Resolutions followed by a proclamation by the Mayor of Roswell, Georgia. The Lord Mayor of Liverpool , his worship Mike Storey ,talked about the work of the council in having the headstone repaired and how the city saw heritage as an important part of its culture. But it was Councillor Berni Turner who made the most memorable contribution by stating a Confederate Heritage weekend should be a part of the Liverpool calendar. This seemed universally popular.
Peter Rossi our Italian member gave a short speech which was also well recieved and the placing of the wreaths and flags came next.
After I mentioned the sacrifice of the Southern people in the War...and after the war, it was the turn of Father Cook. He gave a very Spiritual and moving contribution.
Neville Wantling recited the Farewell of General Lee which was followed by a volley fire salute by members of the American Civil war Society.They are Britain's largest re-enactment society portraying those times.
Taps was played by John Fairfield the long standing Drum-Major of the ACWS.
I gave the 'thankyous' and a conclusion to this particular event which was shortly followed by a grave marker ceremony for a Federal soldier buried in the same cemetery.
The Resolution of the John Low SCV Camp #2161 was read out by John Collier
The Resolution of the SCV Division of Tennessee from Charles Kelly Barrow , was read out by John Collier.
The Resolution of the Roswell Mills SCV Camp was read by Dave Tollerton
The Mayor of Roswell,Georgia's Proclaimation was read by Stephen C. Kinnaman of the United States
Dave Tollerton also laid a wreath on behalf of the SCV and Roy Rawlinson laid one on behalf of the UDC ( James D. Bulloch Chapter)
More imagery from the event taken by Roy Rawlinson can be seen on the web site 'When Liverpool was Dixie'

Commander John Collier
taken by Roy Rawlinson

many thanks to both Jeremy Edwards of London and Roy Rawlinson of Southport for the use of their photography.

Commander John Collier and Lord mayor of Liverpool
taken by Jeremy Edwards

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